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Plastic Media
Chemical spray
1. JET air current occurrence pulverization by HAMMER that rotate itself
2. Outside air by large quantity inflow box properties of matter by heat monotonous.
(according to necessity, WATER JACKET establishment is available)
3. Outturn enlargement per hour to small size.
(can produce more than 2 times from space that is same than other equipment)
4. Fibroid material vast quantity inclusion material pulverization possibility.
(Korean angelica root, arrowroot, green tea etc.)
5. There is no equipment OVER LOAD phenomenon equiping fixed quantity supply SYSTEM
6. RUNNING COST curtailment for itself JET air current origination
7. TOutturn enlargement in SCREEN camouflage tag
8. More than 325Mesh (45㎛) 90% by once pulverization
9. Small Business Administration technical innovation development work success decision product
10. Usage : Every field of industry that need food, cosmetics, health assistance food, chemicals, medicinal herbs, medicine, other ultrafine crushing
1. Existent small size JET MILL's characteristic total possession .
2. CAPACITY per hour by 5TON extension .
(CAPACITY modification possibility according to USER's request be)

*Pulverization automation system engineering consultation
1. By HAMMER to negative plate that do high speed Attaching pulverization material because do striking pulverization
2. Fitness with medium crushing (Below 10 ~ 3 ㎜) and pulverization (below 1㎜)
3. Selecting FLY WHEEL stable high speed driving
4. SCREEN that exchange is simple choice adjustment of grading possible
5. Set to injection pulverization material 's SIZE and size change of injection hole is possible
6. There is no reel TROUBLE occurrence by self-aligning BEARING's choice
7. There is no OVER ROAD phenomenon selecting constant feeder
8. Usage : All industry that need TONER the first pulverization, TV BROWN pipe refreshing pulverization, glass RECYCLE pulverization, the first pulverization for ultrafine, fertilizer raw material pulverization, milling raw material pulverization, other medium crushing · pulverization.
1. Exchange can control mouth by simple SCREEN's choice
2. PIN's exchange is simple
3. CAPACITY is high than physique of equipment
4. Is suitable in fine crushing (more than 100MESH, 150㎛)
5. Usage : All industry that need food, chemicals, thermosetting resin, medicinal herbs, salt, other the first pulverization or continuity crushing (prevent powder coagulation) function.
1. Screen does not need
2. Pulverization between PIN of negative plate rotating to each side direction
3. Because there is no screen 4~5 outturn increase more than SINGLE TYPE
4. Have heavy medium crushing · fine crushing link crushing function evenly
5. Properties of matter that have oiliness is if it is fibroid material, thermosetting resin, waste noodle is possible pulverization
6. TWIN TYPE is this firm aptented aericle. (registration No.0390192)
7. Usage : Food, chemicals, thermosetting resin, medicinal herbs, salt, noodle soup, fertilizer, waste noodle, pulverization with almond and continuity crushing (prevent powder coagulation).
1. Pulverization of differential at high speed
2. Attaching HAMMER to revolutionary negative plate pulverization material by injection impact to HAMMER's tangential pulverization
3. Replace of HAMMER and PIN is simple.
4. Because structure is simple, there is no TROBLE occurrence
5. Adjustment of grading is available by lower part SCREEN exchange
6. Usage : To USER wanting guard post style by food, chemicals, health assistance food, the second pulverizer fitness
1. Crush by 2 groups or 4 groups strong KNIFE
2. Adjustment of grading by KNIFE's quantity, shape is available
3. Can correspond by KNIFE's quality of the material change according to pulverization material 's properties of matter
4. Anti-noise chastity driving is available
5. Crush ability excellence in unfavorable condition
6. Usage : Field before waste building crush, food trash crush, industrial waste crush, RECYCLE SYSTEM's crush
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